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Welcome To AIS Construction

Since 1996, AIS Construction has grown into a major company specializing in steep slopes, mitigation of landslides, rockslides and mudslides, rockfall mitigation, debris flow mitigation and rock scaling. We have extensive experience installing soil nails, rock anchors, rock bolts, geogrids, MSE walls, geo- synthetics and geotextiles. We have built retaining walls in difficult areas and installed all types of rock mesh and netting, cable mesh and nets, ring nets, hexagonal wire mesh and Tecco mesh. We also can perform most types of rock and soil grouting and geotechnical construction. We have the largest fleet of spyder walking excavators in the United States. These machines allow us to perform work on steep slopes that cannot be accessed by conventional heavy equipment.

AIS Construction also maintains a fully-equipped marine construction division, with two suction dredges and a fleet of support equipment including barges, cranes and landing craft. Our fully-equipped metal fabrication shop allows us to quickly adapt our fleet of equipment to complete unusual or difficult projects efficiently.

AIS can install all major rockfall protection systems, including Geobrugg, Maccaferri, Igor-Paramassi- Mountain Management, Rotec and Chama Valley.

We look forward to helping you solve your difficult or impossible construction challenges.

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Current Projects

WORK ON A NEW suspension bridge that takes visitors to the Point Bonita Lighthouse at the southwest tip of Marin County is nearing completion. In late 2010, Golden Gate National Recreation Area officials stopped public access across the old 57-year-old bridge after a Federal Highway Administration report concluded that keeping it open posed a danger to the public. More . . .

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AIS offers coastal marine, harbor and lake construction services, including: two all-electric suction dredges, a mechanical dredge, Flexi-float barges, tenders, landing craft and related equipment necessary to complete jobs under difficult conditions. Click here for more info.
AIS continues to assist state DOT to clear several rockslides and slipouts between Kilauea and Haena